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Havanezers - Bichons Havanais

del Paradiso di Cani

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A Havanes is a companion dog, but this doesn't mean that he has to lay down every moment of the day on his cosy sofa or on your lap. A Havanese can do all kinds of sports. We can talk about a 'sportive Havanese'. This way you can do activities such as: Canine Freestyle (Dog Dance), Obedience, doing shows, Agility, Dog Frisbee, Flyball. Havanese are also used as therapy dogs. A Havanese is an all-round dog.

We practise Canine Freestyle for many years now, a very nice dog sport. Sometimes we go to a show. We go regularly to a dog school to follow obedience courses. Since september 2008 we do Agility. Another nice dog sport is Fun For Dogs.

To know more about Canine Freestyle, Obedience, Show and Agility, you can click on the names or on the images. 

Review of our Dog Dance routines

Photo album Canine Freestyle

Photo album Agility




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