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Havanezers - Bichons Havanais

del Paradiso di Cani

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What is obedience?

Following obedience lessons with a dog is not only important for his education, it also strengthens the bond with your dog. At a dog school you will learn the attitudes such as laying down, sitting, standing, walking at the foot (on the leash or not), refusing food, stay, etc. The advantage of a dog school is that you come in contact with other dogs. The education of your dog doesn't end at the dog school of course. A lot of prectise must be done at home too.

At dog school Pallieter you have these different classes:

Puppy class:  for puppies from 13 weeks to 4,5 months
Pré Juniors: for puppies from 4,5 months to 6 months
Juniors: from 6 months and after the A class
A class:  new dogs older than 6 months that haven't followed the puppy course (and 'difficult cases')
B class:   from 7 months after passing a test
C class:   after passing a test
Then there are the Diploma class, Debutants, Program I and Program II 



Our Havanese & Obedience

We do Obedience with our Havanese. With Dolce and Vita we concentrate on Canine Freestyle. With Gioia, Havana, Dalia, Mistica, Itala (and Hope) we go to the dog school Pallieter (sometimes twice a week). Obedience doesn't stop at the dog school, you also have to work at home. Each day we practice obedience exercises with our Havanese. We always use a positive training method, using food and playing.




Photo impression



More photos of Obedience can be seen on the other part of the site: Gehoorzaamheid.